Transfer Program

Think of Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter as an airport, which expedites movement of adoptable pets into No Kill coalition partners and specific rescue groups to shelters and areas of the country where pets are needed and adoptions are sought. We are a leader in the southeast in transfer efforts.

How many animals a year do you transfer?

2,000 + dogs and cats are transferred into partnering agencies per year.

Do other shelters transfer animals?

Yes. Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter is the single largest transfer agency in the southeast. Transfers enable shelters and rescue groups to expedite adoptions, and are critical in reducing cage time for the animals in need.

Why do you Transfer animals?

We transfer dogs and cats into partnering No Kill agencies to save lives. Flowing animals quickly thru our facility creates kennel space for other animals in need of our care.

Our primary goal is to get our animals into pre-screened, high traffic adoption facilities where there exists a dearth of unwanted animals versus an excess. This is particularly true of large, adult dogs, which we can transfer up North and get placed into new homes quickly.

Where do you transfer?

We are affiliated with over 45 agencies and rescue groups all over the east coast of the United States. These range locally from Atlanta Humane Society, Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, all the way up to Connecticut, New York, Wisconsin, and as far south as Florida.

How many dogs and cats go on a typical transfer?

It varies.

  • Local Georgia transfers average about 20-25 and happen weekly.
  • Northern Transfers usually range in the 40-50 range.
  • Our donated 22 ft Sprinter van is outfitted for long haul transfers, averaging 20 hours each way.

When you go up North, do you stop and walk the dogs along the way?

Two stops have to be made en route. The animals are walked, crates cleaned, and water given.

Can I volunteer to assist with Transfers?

Call 706 982-4909 and we will be happy to discuss physical and other requirements needed.

How much does it cost to transfer an animal?

There is no price on saving the life of an animal in need. Our Transfer Program requires $80,000 per year in funding. This does not include gas, staffing, insurance, and indirect expenses.

Each animal's required medical prep is approximately $40, and includes:

  1. Rabies and Vaccinations, Bordatello, Canine Influenza
  2. Worming, and Flea Medication, Physical
  3. Parvo, Feline Leukemia, heartworm and Giardia testing

This regimen ensures the health of our animals for the receiving agency.

A typical trip up North costs $3,000 including pet medications, tolls, gas, and overnight hotel stay for drivers.

Can I sponsor a tax deductible Transfer trip up North?

Absolutely! Contact Peanut Kilby 706 982-4909.

Do you Spay/Neuter prior to Transfer?

Generally, no. Our partnering agencies have mandatory Spay/Neuter Policies prior to release to new owners. They have On Site large Spay/Neuter Clinics. The animals are received and sterilized within 2-3 days of arrival, then adopted. The receiving agency offsets its expense of the sterilization via the Adoption Fee. Boggs Mountain Humane receives no portion of the Adoption Fee.

How do you know the animals you transfer get adopted?

We work closely with our partnering No Kill agencies.

Frequently there are 30 people waiting to meet their potential new pet when the van arrives. They get to see the animals as they are off-loaded, and then re-meet them after the mandatory Spay/Neuter is done. All potential adopters are screened by the partnering agency.

Can you transfer older or handicapped animals?

Yes. We have one partner who specializes in "Hard to Adopt " and has a focused rehabilitation program. Boggs Mountain also offers a $100 adoption sponsorship "Lucky Dog/Lucky Kitty" for Hard to Adopt animals.

Who drives the transfer vehicle?

One of our trained staff members accompanies a volunteer driver.

Do you take in animals from other shelters or rescue groups?

Yes. We assist rescue groups, small shelters, and Animal Control agencies, as well.

How long do you keep an animal before transferring it?

Our goal is to transfer or adopt the animal within 30 days. However, there is no time limit on length of stay for any animal. Our goal is to expedite adoption as quickly as we can.

Who chooses which animals get transferred?

The receiving agency selects from photographs and descriptions on our website. The agencies work closely with our Director, who makes recommendations.

Is Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter a Full Intake Facility?

Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter is a "Selective Intake Facility". This is the method of Intake for No Kill facilities.

What happens to the animals that are not accepted by Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter?

Rabun County Animal Control is a separate organization designated to deal with stray, feral, and/or aggressive animals.

What are your Transfer goals for 2012?

We plan to do enhance our Transfer Program in 2012 and accomplish 2,500 transfers.

Your sponsorship will help us achieve our goals and save thousands of lives. Thank You!