The Deuce Foundation

The Deuce Foundation was established in 2008 and named for a dog that was hit not once, but twice by two different cars and left abandoned on the side of Highway 441. We named him "Deuce", and with the skill and care of Dr. Stephen Arbitter of Rabun Animal Hospital, Deuce’s severely fractured pelvis and leg were rebuilt. After several weeks of therapy, Deuce was adopted and is living a healthy, happy life in a two acre fenced-in yard.

Today, the Deuce Foundation's funds go specifically to save animals that would under most circumstances be euthanized due to the expenses of their medical needs. The Deuce Foundation gives these animals a second life.

Birthday parties, gifts to commemorate a pet or friend are a perfect match for donating to the Deuce Foundation. Be sure to clearly designate your donation to "The Deuce Foundation" and save a life!

Call for more information on donating to this fund.