Success Stories


Dear friends at Boggs Mtn. Shelter,

Within a two year period I lost my husband and a son to cancer. I was devastated.  

I did counseling anti-depressant pills for a short time. I was still as depressed until my dear friends took me to Boggs Mountain Shelter about 1 1/2 years ago.

There I found my "Annie"! She had been in a boarding situation...she needed me and I certainly needed her!

What a joy she has been with her unconditional love.



Please accept this donation in honor of my dog Buck, formerly known as "Gilligan". My wife Karen and I adopted Buck with the help of Brenda when he was 3 months old. He will be 4 years old in January.

Buck is a wonderful dog and has brought much joy to our lives. He appreciates the care he got from the shelter when he was a puppy and joins us in this donation.

Thanks for the hard work you do on behalf of those animals that need your help.


Midnight has made a terrific adjustment. It is hard to believe he is the same dog. He is such a sweet and pleasant little guy and addition to our family. He stays with Jessica and is a wonderful best friend for her. Thank you so much for bringing this little dog into our lives. I am so glad that we came to Boggs Mtn. first when searching for a pet. Everyone at the shelter was so helpful throughout the process. Keep up the great work you do for the animals in our community. You really can judge a community by how it treats the children, the animals, and the elderly, as they are often the most helpless members of our community. With highest regards, 



I just adopted an adorable kitten from Boggs Mtn. Shelter. And from my observations it's a truly wonderful service to our community. I wouldn't suggest making a pet a gift for someone at Christmas, as choosing a pet is a personal thing, but if you could open your heart to bring one home for yourself like I did, you'd be blessed in so many ways. Or make a Holiday donation to them to help with all their wonderful work. Here is my new family addition . . . Tonka :0) Happy Holidays!

Scarlett & Barnaby

Robert (left) & Ian Griffin (right) show off their dogs at Thanksgiving. Scarlett and Barnaby were first dogs ever for both brothers!

Scarlett is the mascot at her office and Barnaby lives a great life on a horse farm in Alpharetta.


Murphy was adopted by the Justus family in August 2011. Murphy likes to snuggle close to Dad, but his new sister gets jealous and piles on top of Murphy just so she is closer!


When my wife and I attended the Boggs Mountain Auction a few weeks ago, I saw a cute puppy that was to be auctioned off. Although I wanted this dog, I became disheartened when I saw so many of the ladies passing the dog from one to the other.

Then the auction began and the first bidder's offer was higher than what I planned to bid. I was heartbroken. But within seconds, the bid was withdrawn. I then placed my bid which was accepted as the highest bid and my dreams came true.

Your staff called the dog Baby, but we now have changed it to Babe since it is so close to her original name. Please be advised that she is the sweetest dog we ever owned. The more affection we show her the more she gives back in return. And we find her to be very smart and obedient. We have two cats and all three get along very well together.

Well that is the story up to now. Many thanks to all of you for taking such good care of Babe while in your custody. I am enclosing a picture of Babe with my wife, Beverly, and myself which I feel reflects the love we have for our new member of the family.


He is doing good , he has learned so much: sit, stand, lay, stay, i love u, and many other things. Here is a photo of Sitka playing in the snow.


He is doing wonderfully in his new home and adjusting to his new surroundings and family. He is a very sweet doggie and obedient, too. He seems to be house-trained already and has not had any accidents inside the house.


Red loves his new owners & yard. We love him & enjoy playing with him. He goes in the car everywhere we can take him. We are constantly being complimented of his unique markings, cuteness & that he was at the humane society.

Thank you for one awesome dog!